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Be relieved of the burden of trying to fix others, solve their problems and have all the answers!


Are you ready to see your leadership team minister more effectively, communicate more transformatively, cooperate more harmoniously and relate to God more deeply? Contact us today and learn how we can help.


Comprehensive, 80-hour live, virtual program taught to ICF competencies. This program will equip you with the foundational coaching skills you need to take your first client and supervise you while you do!


You’ve tried to go it alone but it hasn’t worked. You’ve maybe even turned to a pastor, counselor, mentor or friend; but you’re still not yourself. I understand. I’ve been there. I can help.

Enjoy the Process!

CCS is passionate about equipping you to be a dynamic, spirit-led coach and transforming you through immersion in a new, authentic communication paradigm that will permanently change the way you see God and the way you lead.
CCS utilizes a coach training curriculum created by some of the founding Father of the Christian coaching movement.

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This training program has been a truly transforming process for me personally. I was already working on some of the aspects of this program but for me the call to authenticity was a challenge, but very rewarding as well.

– Cammy Hackwith

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